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074 - I'm Boy George and I'll Tumble for Drugs!

Born across the pond in England, this singer started at a young age. From Bow Wow Wow and the Sex Gang Children, he was a founding member of the Culture Club. After dissolving the Culture Club due to his drug addiction, he enters treatment in an attempt to address his addictions. At that same time, he came out as bisexual, causing quite a stir in the 80's news media. After launching a successful solo career, he slips back into the drug scene. On a British talk show, his own brother called him out for being a heroin addict. Scotland Yard opened an investigation after 3 of his close friends die of overdoses around his orbit. He gets arrested after he called the police for a potential burglary at his apartment and while there, they find his cocaine stash. He was arrested and ordered to the NYC Dept. of Sanitation to perform his community service hours. Back on the straight and narrow, he releases 2 Electronica/ Dance records, which launches he second career as a DJ! With a few World Tours under his belt as a DJ, he enjoys his third career as a reality talent show judge. He's recently released some new YouTube videos, new songs for a return to singing. He has his own record label, He won a Grammy, two Brit Awards, an Ivor Novello Award, its the Legend of Lt. Lush, Boy George! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: Gram: FaceBook: Proud member of the Pantheon Podcasts Network Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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