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067 - I'm Vince Neil and My Pants Smell Like an Egg Burrito for a Reason!

He's one of the legends of Glam Rock and Hair Bands. He was born and raised in California, USA. In middle school he started hi journey to rock legend status by singing in bands at the age of 14-15. At the prompting of their drummer, Tommy Lee, the newly formed band, the Motley Crue, takes an interest in the young singer. They poach his away from his current band at the time, Rock Candy. As the frontman for this new soon to be mega group, he tours the world, has many hit records and makes millions upon millions of dollars. Global stardom isn't all blondes and booze. He quickly embraces the rockstar lifestyle; abusing drugs and alcohol, which lead to DUIs and court dates. He is the driver of a horrific car crash that takes the life of Finnish rocker Razzle. Besides having his own plastic surgery, he rearranges some faces on his own and assaults some folks. During one incident, actor Nicolas Cage has to restrain him and remove him from the situation. He gets married, several times and has a few kids. His partying lifestyle eventually breaks up the Motley Crue. They also blamed his Indy Car Racing for tearing them apart. His solo career has it's ups and down, but eventually the Motley Crue will reform, to tour the world in 2020, lol! Grab your craziest friends, some ripped jeans, a can of hairspray and egg burritos, it's time for the vandemonianism volisher; Vince Neil! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: Tweet Us: Gram: FaceBook: Proud member of the Pantheon Podcasts Network

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