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Defining Moment with Koon Vega: "Creative Vega"

Let us introduce you to the man behind the creativity, the man behind the branding and design for many companies you may know around Oklahoma: Koon. More importantly, get to know Koon on a personal level. Why did he decide to move to the US? How does he support his family? And while you're at it, show him some love with a congratulation in the comments below because he has a new addition to his family! Enjoy!Find more about Koon on his website this episode? Check out our others at: find us on your favorite platform.'t forget to like and subscribe to our channel to receive notifications on full episodes. Inspiring Upbeat Pop Background by kornevmusic

About Defining Moments Podcast

Curating inspiring stories of moments when life changes forever. Either you define the moment or the moment defines you. You have a unique story of a time in your life, a moment that helped shape yourself or someone else. This is your platform to share your story and draw inspiration from others. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.