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Defining Moment with Gary Warren

A little over 10 years ago, Gary was over 300lbs. Gary went to university to become a personal trainer; however, did not have very much success a few years after graduation.He slowly gained weight over the years going from 190 to over 300. It was not until 2 visits to the ER (for perforations of the intestine) that he had an epiphany that he needed to change his lifestyle. After Gary's 35th birthday, he made small changes to my lifestyle that lead to losing over 100lbs.Gary returned to his training roots and added to his training certifications. Gary has different varieties of training certifications (Strength Coach, Track & Field Coach (2), Personal Trainer (2), Fitness Nutrition & Special Population), 1 manual therapy specialty, Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) - 1 of 3 in the state of OK, as well as 1 state license as a massage therapist in the state of OK.Gary's practical experience began at the University of Oklahoma Adult Fitness Programs and continued at UCLA Cultural & Recreational Affairs, and Long Beach State’s Women Athletics (golf, soccer, volleyball). After his time with the universities, Gary focused on teaching people that everybody is different and should be treated accordingly.Gary's ER visits led him to a more proactive lifestyle. He has since become focused on learning and teaching APP - anatomy, physiology, and physics. Gary has become a specialist in exercise mechanics to help ensure people apply exercise in a manner that acts like medicine (instead of being the cause for it).

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