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Rumble Squad #2.7: Truly a Blessing from Jaddumin

With the Lightning Cat defeated, the party turns their attention to the Illusionist Thar, before returning to Isenthias. As they return to see some old friends and continue their crafting, something is stirring in a far-off land... Hiatus We wanted to announce that we will be taking a hiatus from the podcast for the remainder of October and throughout November. We have had some health issues come up and just would not be able to do the podcast on top of it throughout November. We also want to thank you all for your continued support of the shows and it does mean a lot to us. We will be pausing our Patreon pledges for November due to us not releasing content.    Special thanks to our Patreon Supporter Christopher Reinert for serving as producer on this episode! Want access to behind-the-scenes content, unreleased outtakes, and adding to the story? We would be thrilled if you support us on Patreon!   Twitter:@RulesAsWritten Email: dm@dndraw.com Discord: Chat with us! “Heroic Age” by Kevin MacLeod  License: CC BY Thank you to Tabletop Audio for providing music for this episode. Music d20 We want to thank Will for making his music available for podcasters, and we are thrilled to use some of his tracks for this episode. You can support Music d20 on Patreon at patreon.com/musicd20. You can also follow him on Twitter @Music_d20.

About DnD RAW Actual Play

DnD RAW is a party of friends who mostly follow rules as written (RAW) for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition with unearthed arcana material. We have two diverse parties in our actual play podcast, Serviceable Plots and Rumble Squad, who deliver compelling storytelling with laughs along on the way. On our second show, Rules As Written, we are joined by some of our favorite podcasters as we debate and discuss rules of fifth edition in our endless quest to push the game to its limits. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.