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Why I'm STILL Vegan | Ep. 25

This is why I'm STILL vegan after 7 1/2 years! And this is why I will ALWAYS be vegan. FYI: In no way is this a hate/shaming video for those no longer choosing to be vegan. Like I always say - your health is number one. I just felt super compelled to share my story with you! ♡ ☆ CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ON SPOTIFY, ITUNES & MORE! ☆ Subscribe to the ‘How To Vegan’ Podcast YouTube channel HERE !⬇ Stuff I Mentioned In This Episode ⬇MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: WHY I'M STILL VEGAN VIDEO: MY VEGAN STORY: WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH EGGS?: AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION INFO: TOP 5 TIPS FOR NEW VEGANS: THE VEGAN CALCULATOR:⬇ FOLLOW ME ⬇YouTube: Kristen PoundInstagram: kristen.poundTwitter: kristenpound_✅ Join my How To Vegan FB group: love all of youuuuu! ️xx Kristen-----------------☆ WATCH THESE DOCUMENTARIES ☆Forks Over KnivesWhat The Health Earthlings (WARNING: Very graphic images!)Dominion (WARNING: Very graphic images!)CowspiracyVegucatedFood, Inc.Food MattersFed UpBlackfishFat, Sick and Nearly Dead- -howtoveganpodcast@gmail.comHave any questions?? Come find me on YouTube (How To Vegan Podcast). It's the perfect place to connect with me and leave any comments/questions. I'll def get back to each and every one of you!

About How To Vegan

From the founder of the 'How To Vegan' Facebook group, comes the 'How To Vegan' podcast! Kristen Pound is here to talk all things vegan. From the ethical and environmental implications of going vegan, to the amazing health benefits of a plant-based diet, How To Vegan is gonna cover it all. So hit that subscribe button and let's get started! Make sure to check out the unedited video versions of each episode on the How To Vegan Podcast YouTube channel. It's the perfect place to connect with Kristen, ask questions and chat with the rest of the How To Vegan community. For more info on your host, visit her website at Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.

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