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Episode 343 | Padme Amidala Has Entered The Chat

Kara, Tia, and Mike discuss the comics they've read and what exactly makes a sexy bad boi, their appeal, agency of the reader and the problem with beefcake comic art. Timestamps 00:00:00 - Start/Last Week in Comics 00:04:36 - Chilling Adventures Presents... Weirder Mysteries 00:09:57 - Minions: Mini Boss 00:17:31 - Mike on Vanish 00:22:50 - Time Before Time #16 00:26:14 - Top of Our Pile 00:26:28 - Uncle Scrooge: The Golden Nugget Boat 00:31:38 - The Chilling Adventures of Salem 00:37:31 - Old Dog #1 00:39:24 - Sexy Bad Boys And Why We Love Them 01:05:39 - Wrap/Credits Comics Read Chilling Adventures Presents Weirder Mysteries Minions: Mini Boss Vanish #1 Time Before Time #16 Top of Our Pile Uncle Scrooge: The Golden Nugget Boat by Carl Barks Chilling Adventures of Salem Old Dog #1 Music provided by Infinity Shred. Find them on Bandcamp. IRCB Avatars by @ICELEVEL Producer: Mike Rapin Prooflistner: Daniel Martinez Editor: Zander Riggs Support us on Patreon to get access to our Patreon-only series: IRCB Movie Club, Saga of Saga, Giant Days of Our Lives, A Better Batmobile, and more! patreon.com/ircbpodcast Email: ircbpodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @ircbpodcast Instagram: @ircbpodcast Discord: discordapp.com/invite/E8JUB9s Reddit: ireadcomicbooks.reddit.com IRCB Goodreads Merch: shop.ircbpodcast.com

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