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Episode 329 | A Dumpster Fire Will Keep You Warm

This episode was recorded on May 8th, 2022! Mike and Brian are joined by special guests Brenda and Austin from the Secret Histories of Nerd Mysteries podcast to chat comics and a bit about their super fun, deep dive podcast. Check out Secret Histories of Nerd Mysteries on your favorite podcast player or on Twitter - @NerdMysteries Timestamps 00:00:00 - Start/Last Week in Comics 00:38:56 - Top of the Pile 01:06:18 - Secret Histories of Nerd Mysteries 01:17:14 - Wrap/Credits Comics Read / Top of Our Pile Darth Vader vol. 1: Dark Heart of the Sith Spy x Family Static Shock Season 1 Sabretooth #3 Newburn #6 Paper Girls Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me The Case Files of Jeweler Richard My Brain is Different: Stories of ADHD and Other Developmental Disorders I Am A Cat Barista Vol. 2 Seaside Stranger Archie Meets Riverdale #1 Final Crisis Dandadan Chapters 22-current Cheer Up, Love and Pom Poms Music provided by Infinity Shred. Find them on Bandcamp. Producer: Mike Rapin Editor: Zander Riggs Support us on Patreon to get access to our Patreon-only series: IRCB Movie Club, Saga of Saga, Giant Days of Our Lives and more! patreon.com/ircbpodcast Email: ircbpodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @ircbpodcast Instagram: @ircbpodcast Discord: discordapp.com/invite/E8JUB9s Reddit: ireadcomicbooks.reddit.com IRCB Goodreads

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