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'March separately, strike together': The United Front tactic

The socialist revolution cannot win without first of all winning the masses. This is why the Communist International formulated the United Front tactic, which is summarised by the slogan: “March separately, but strike together!” In this episode, Sarah Vedrovitch outlines the events which led to the adoption of this tactic, how it was applied by the Communists, and how it was distorted by the Stalinists. 🌐 Check out Socialist Appeal's website for theory, news, and analysis: ✊ Join the fight for revolution with the International Marxist Tendency: 📰 Subscribe to the Socialist Appeal newspaper: 🚩 Subscribe to the Revolution Scotland newspaper: 💸 Support the fight for revolution by making a donation: 📚 Head to Wellred Books to purchase a copy of Trotsky's 'First Five Years of the Communist International:

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