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When the communists ruled in Bavaria [from In Defence of Marxism 34]

In this narrated article - published in issue 34 of In Defence of Marxism, the quarterly theoretical journal of the International Marxist Tendency - Florian Keller explains how the events surrounding the Bavarian Soviet Republic represent one of the most inspiring episodes in the German Revolution of 1918-1923. In November 1918, Germany exploded into revolution. In the Spring of 1919, the working class succeeded in seizing power and declaring a Bavarian Soviet Republic. In its short, heroic lifetime, the republic had to fight not only against open counter-revolution, but also against the results of its own inexperience. The lessons to be gleaned from these events are priceless for revolutionaries today. Subscribe to the In Defence of Marxism magazine, available in physical and digital formats: Get involved with Socialist Appeal today! Join -​ Donate -​ Subscribe -​ Follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Soundcloud: Facebook -​ YouTube -​ Twitter -​ SoundCloud -

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