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059: Clarity is the Key to Business Success with Dolores Hirschmann

In this episode, Dan connects with author, speaker, investor, TEDx organizer, coach, and entrepreneur Dolores Hirschmann to talk about the key ingredient to achieving success: clarity. As the Chief Clarity Officer of Masters in Clarity, Dolores works with people and businesses to help them clarify their message and realize their goals. She and Dan talk about how to find clarity and introduce listeners to the IDEA Method: 9 layers of clarity (featured in her book, Clarity First) that you need to grow in a sustainable, profitable way.

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Do you often find yourself thinking that people are fundamentally interesting? Every week, Dan Nestle, 20-year marketing pro, world traveler, and self-described dot connector, digs into decades of pent-up curiosity and his network of thousands to bring you observations and cool conversations about interesting stuff. Promising no politics, occasionally questionable language, and a lot of knowledge. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.