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Are We Dating The Same Guy? Unemployment Among Black Men, No Friends At Work

Techish is back with another episode! Hosts Abadesi and Michael break down: Rising unemployment among Black men (0:30) Man sues “Are We Dating The Same Guy?” Facebook group (5:33) Nobody is really your friend at work (13:55) What your job says about your personality (25:07) —————————————————————   Extra Reading:     The unemployment rate of Black men rose in January, underscoring continued inequality in labor market [CNBC] Hiring managers pass over ‘names associated with Black people’ in their rush to review resumes, according to study of all 50 U.S. states [Fortune] Black Women Face Worse Job Outcomes In White-Dominated Work Environments, Study Reveals [POCIT]   ————————————————————    Use the hashtag #Techish on X/Twitter & IG Watch us on YouTube: Support Techish at  Advertise on Techish:   ————————————————————  Stay In Touch:  Email us at  #techish

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A podcast by two founders talking about all things tech, pop culture, and life. 

It's equal parts ChatGPT, equal parts Cardi B.

Starring tech founders Abadesi Osunsade [@abadesi] and Michael Berhane [ @michaelberhane_]. 

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