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Biden's Union Expansion Power Grab

The Democrats have done their very best to sneak all sorts of big government expansions into the Senate reconciliation bill, including a union power grab that most people haven't heard about. It's called The Pro Act, "Protecting the Right to Organize." Various unions want to stifle technology and innovation as it moves forward and provides the workforce with more opportunity and freedom. This bill seeks to disrupt the freelance, gig economy that has allowed people to find growth and success without the help of big government.

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More than fifty years after the Civil Rights movement and nearly 160 years after the Civil War, racial tension in the country is at an all-time high. Riots, police reform and racial equity are all topics of national debate. Syndicated columnist and author of four books analyzing government impact on poverty in our urban communities, Star Parker, delves deep into national issues that impact America’s most distressed communities and the power and political will needed to fix them. This is a podcast of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, a non-profit think tank fighting poverty and restoring dignity through scholarship supporting faith, freedom, and personal responsibility. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.